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Cockroaches are becoming an increasingly common pest species in UK and will infest domestic properties as well as  commercial premises. Cockroaches will multiply rapidly under favorable conditions and very quickly a handful of insects can develop into an infestation of many hundreds or even thousands. If  single cockroach is found on a food serving, handling or storage site during a local authority inspection it is very likely that that the premises will be immediately closed until the infestation has been dealt with. This is due to the high risk of these insects transferring a range of harmful pathogens via the contamination of food and other surfaces.


We offer treatment programmes utilising trapping, spraying and baiting. These are never easy pests to eradicate however we will quote to deal with any guarantee infestation, usually across 3-4 visits. Where other pest control companies fled after a couple of visits we have dealt with the most challenging infestations, liaising with environmental health officers where necessary to deal with cockroach issues as safely and swiftly as possible minimising the impact to business and home-owners alike.


Prevention of a harmful infestation  is of course better than cure and this is why Titan Pest Control offer insect monitoring services as part of all of our service contracts as well as general advice on minimising the risk of public hygiene relevant pests establishing themselves within a premises.


Below is some general information on the most commonly found cockroaches in the UK:



German Cockroach


Latin name: Blatella germanica


Length: 12 - 15mm at adult stage.


Colour & description: Yellowish, brown with two longitudinal black streaks on pronotum. Winged but do not normally fly.


Habits & habitat: Primarily nocturnal. Prefer warm & humid conditions. Prefer narrow harbourages close to food & water. Can climb smooth surfaces. Female carries the ootheca attached to her abdomen until the nymphs are about to hatch.


Life cycle: 100 - 200 days. Reproduction rate: Females produce 4-8 egg cases (ootheca) over lifetime. Each case with 30 - 40 eggs.



Brown Banded Cockroach


Latin name: Supella Longipalpa


Length: 10 - 15mm at adult stage


Colour & description: Reddish/brown with yellow halo around pronotum edge.Have 2 light yellow/brown bands across body. Are flattened with prickly legs and long antennae. Adult male can fly.


Habits & habitat: Similar to the German cockroach. Prefer warm & humid conditions and narrow harbourages.


Females glue egg cases in furniture & cupboards.

Life cycle: 160 days. Reproduction rate: Females produce 10-14 egg cases (ootheca) over lifetime. Each case with 10-18 eggs



Oriental Cockroach


Latin name: Blatta orientalis


Length: 17 - 30mm at adult stage


Colour & description: Very dark, almost black in colour. Have wings that do not cover the abdomen, do not fly.


Habits & habitat: Fond of dark, hidden, damp cool places such as cellars/basements. Therefore, some harbourages maybe outside of the treatment area making control difficult. Mainly active in the night & at dawn. Are cold weather tolerant.


Life cycle: Up to 500 days

Reproduction rate: Females produce up to 10 capsules over lifetime. Each case containing 14 - 16 eggs



American Cockroach


Latin name: Periplaneta americana


Length: 25 - 40mm at adult stage


Colour & description: Reddish wings completely cover abdomen. Yellow band around pronotum edge. Are able to fly.


Habits & habitat: Prefers dark, hidden, hot and humid places. Often present where food is stored & prepared. Some harbourages maybe outside of the treatment area making control more difficult.


Life cycle: 450 days. Reproduction rate: Females produce 9 – 10 egg cases over lifetime. Each containing 12–16 eggs.




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Adult German Cockroach ("Blattodea. Cascuda. Santiago de Compostela 1" by Lmbuga - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Blattodea._Cascuda._Santiago_de_Compostela_1.jpg#/media/File:Blattodea._Cascuda._Santiago_de_Compostela_1.jpg)

Female German Cockroach with visible ootheca ("Blatella germanica cdc". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Blatella_germanica_cdc.jpg#/media/File:Blatella_germanica_cdc.jpg)

Brown Banded Cockroach

Oriental Cockroach:


A: Female

B: Male

C: Side view of female

D: Young male


American Cockroach ("American-cockroach" by Gary Alpert - http://www.uos.harvard.edu/ehs/pes_american_cockroach.shtml. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:American-cockroach.jpg#/media/File:American-cockroach.jpg)