Other pest species: We are able to identify and effectively treat any insect / other pest species infestation. We are experienced in the treatment of particularly hard to eradicate insect pest species such as the German Cockroach and charge a flat fee for guaranteed elimination. A range of pesticides and obstructive physical methods of prevention / eradication are employed with the utmost competence. We cater for the needs of all commercial premises and domestic households alike. Common species of concern include the: Black ant Pharaoh ant Booklice American cockroach German cockroach Oriental cockroach Bluebottle fly House fly Fruit fly Mosquito Biscuit beetle Carpet beetle Flour beetle Grain beetle Grain weevil Larder beetle Grain borer Spider beetle Clothes moth Woodworm Spiders Earwig Woodlice Silverfish Slugs and snails Also take advantage our free online pest identification/advice service: Simply email a photo of your pest query to enquiries@titanpestcontrol.co.uk and we’ll endeavour to get back to you within 24hrs. Also see: Chemical modes of action of some common insecticides Again, all of our work is guaranteed and set at an unbeatable price. Call 02921971010 NOW for your free, no obligation quote / advice!

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